Breadfruit — A Nutritionally-Balanced Fruit

The breadfruit is a tropical fruit variety that contains essential nutrients. During your visit to Hawaii, you may have the opportunity to sample some dishes that contain breadfruit.

The History Of Breadfruit

The breadfruit tree is part of the mulberry tree family. This tree species grows in the South Pacific and many tropical regions. Polynesian settlers originally introduced the breadfruit tree to the islands that comprise Hawaii.

The fruit has a firm texture. Since breadfruit has a high starch content, the flesh of the fruit is often used as a substitute for potatoes. Hawaiians use the fruit to create cold salads and hot entrees. Fruit can be baked, fried, steamed, and grilled.

Before you go on your vacation, read some educational materials that highlight the part of Hawaii that you will be visiting. You will learn about the topography and the vegetation that is found in the region.

The Use Of The Fruit

The breadfruit is gluten-free. The fruit is a good source of potassium, fiber, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. As the breadfruit matures, its skin thickens and turns dark in color. Breadfruit rinds are typically green, yellow, or orange in color.

When you are researching the part of Hawaii where you will be going on vacation, you may learn about some of the culinary traditions that are noted in the region. Home cooks and professional chefs use paring knives, food processors, and other standard kitchen aids to prepare breadfruit. The rind of the fruit is typically disposed of. The rind is tough and bumpy, making it unsuitable for use in many recipes.

Dining Experiences

During your travels, attend a luau and visit some casual eateries and fine dining restaurants. When you review the menu for each place that you have decided to grab a bite to eat, look for some dishes that contain breadfruit.

A salad product may take on many of the same components as a classic potato salad. A fresh salad may contain cubed breadfruit, mayonnaise, onions, eggs, and a variety of spices. Some cooked breadfruit recipes may look and taste similar to baked potato dishes.

A cook may use batter or a glazing component to add flavor to the breadfruit pieces that are being prepared. It is also common for a cook to bake or fry breadfruit, then add the cooked fruit to other cooked ingredients. While you sample each dish on your vacation, compare the taste of the breadfruit with the flavor of a potato. You may discover that the fruit's flavor profile is very similar.

For more information on breadfruit, contact a professional near you.