3 Must-Have School Supplies For A Preschool

They key to keeping preschool age children happy and entertained while at preschool is to keep them busy with activities that they will enjoy. You can find several different activities that will keep them busy, while allowing them to learn at the same time. You can also include activities that will let them play and socialize with the other children, because this is a very important part of preschool as well.

However, to perform a lot of these activities, you are going to need certain school supplies. This article will discuss 3 must-have school supplies for a preschool:

Art Supplies

Children are generally fascinated with anything artistic when they are at preschool age, so it is very important that this is incorporated into the preschool program. To complete different art projects, you are going to need a variety of different art supplies for the children. You will need paints and paintbrushes for any paint project, along with a paint easel if possible. You may also need protective clothing for the children to wear while they are painting.

For other craft projects you are going to want things like glue, glitter, markers, colored pencils, crayons, card stock, scissors, and any other basic art supplies. You can keep some of these supplies in the classroom for the children to use over the years, and you can then put the other school supplies on the kid's preschool supply list. 

Nap Time Materials 

Because small children are still accustomed to napping, it is a good idea to have a designated set aside each day for your preschool students to nap. During this nap, they are also going to need nap time supplies to sleep with. This can generally include a thick, comfortable mat for them to lay on, and a small blanket for them to cover up with.

To keep these items clean, it is a good idea to wipe the mats down with a disinfectant each day, and assign each child their own blanket that you can wash once or twice weekly. 


Games are perhaps one of the best supplies that you can purchase for your preschool students because they allow them to have so much fun without even realizing that they are learning. You can choose different learning games like counting games, board games, or computer games. You can also have games that simply help them to use up some of their extra energy before nap time, like ball games, running games, dancing games, etc.

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