Are You Designing Homeschool Classrooms?

Have you decided that you want to homeschool your children? Perhaps you were disillusioned with what they were learning at school, or maybe you felt that the classes were so large that your children weren't getting enough individual attention. For whatever reason you have decided to teach your children at home, you are more than likely working on creating a classroom environment for them, perhaps in an extra bedroom or even in your family room.

Or, it might even be that you have chosen to use several rooms in your house for different learning experiences. From buying a chalkboard for the kitchen to buying desks for a specified classroom, here are some ideas that might help you as you design your homeschool classrooms.

Which Rooms? - Think of the different things your children will be studying and match the class to a room in your house. For example, you might have decided that the kitchen would be a perfect place for you to teach your children arithmetic since it already has a table and chairs in it. If so, consider buying a chalkboard that can be placed right on the kitchen wall.

Or, purchase a chalkboard on wheels so that you can take it from room to room. Will your children be doing a lot of work on their own computers? If so, consider buying study desks that can easily have a computer as part of the design. Think of leaving your living room just as it is, a great place for the kids to read books or for you to read to them.

Which Additions? - Consider how many books your children will have. Now think about where those books will be kept. You more than likely don't want them to be left on the kitchen table. Think of buying actual lockers like the ones that are used in schools. Each child could have a locker in his or her own bedroom.

Encourage your children only to put school-related items in that particular locker, leaving their bedroom drawers and closets for their everyday things like clothes and games. Do your children have enough space in their bedrooms to have their very own desks as part of the bedroom design? If so, think of how efficient it would be for them to use their desks for completing assignments. After all, working on the bed might invite taking too many cat naps!

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