Is Getting Your Son To Read A Challenge In Your Homeschooling Program? 3 Tips To Cultivate Good Reading Habits In Boys

You chose to homeschool your son because it gives you greater control over his learning. Now, however, you've met your first big challenge. Kids often dread reading in their later elementary years, and there are likely multiple factors that cause your son to groan when he sees a book. Whether he just doesn't like to sit still or finds the prospect of deciphering words to be stressful, you can use these tips to capture his interest in learning to be a better reader.

Set Up a Cozy Reading Spot

Every homeschooling family has different preferences regarding how they conduct class. While sitting at an actual desk or table may be helpful for subjects such as mathematics and handwriting, it helps to take a different approach with reading. Help your child set up a cozy place where they can curl up and read with their favorite books. Try putting a beanbag chair in the area along with shelves that you can fill when you your son's reading materials.

Choose Books With an Exciting Plot

Now that your child is older, it is time to drop the boring readers and introduce them to books with a real plot. Make sure to buy adventure books for 8 to 12 year old boys that are written specifically to tap into a child of that age's interests. When your son gets to read about characters that are going on adventures such as a voyage to an unknown location, they will be enticed to keep reading to find out what happens.

Form a Reading Group With Other Families

Reading can also be a social activity that your son can share with his other homeschooling friends. Talk to some of the other families that you know who homeschool, and ask if they would like to form a reading group. Then, you can buy adventure books for 8 to 12 year olds in enough of a quantity that everyone can read the same one at the same time. Once the kids start reading, host a weekly discussion group or have the kids reenact their favorite scenes. They'll be so excited about the upcoming gathering that they'll want to read ahead and be prepared.

When your son lacks an interest in reading, you only need to think about ways to add some fun to those important lessons. From setting up a reading nook to making it a social activity, you can look forward to catching your son with his nose in a book without you even having to prompt him.