Helpful Tips To Remember When You Start Collecting Books For The First Time

You might have always loved reading, but you might have never thought about collecting books before. Alternatively, you might have always thought about building a book collection of your own, but you might be thinking about finally giving it a try. These are a few helpful tips that you might want to remember when building your book collection for the first time.

Trade Out the Books You Don't Like

Just because you want to build up a book collection does not mean that you should collect every book that you can get your hands on. If you end up with books that you don't really like for one reason or another, there is no reason to keep them. Instead, you will probably want to fill your book collection with books that you love. Therefore, if you end up with books that you don't like, you should think about selling them or trading them out for other books that you like more. Although it might take a little longer for you to build your book collection in this way, you will at least know that your collection is made up of books that you truly enjoy.

Look for Used Books

You don't have to buy all of the books for your collection brand new. Instead, you should consider buying used books when you can. There are all sorts of places that you can go to find used books, such as at flea markets, used book stores, online auction sites and more. By buying used books, you can find books that aren't available brand new anymore. You can also save a lot of money by buying used books, making it possible for you to build up a bigger book collection without busting your budget.

Consider Buying Signed Books

When possible, consider buying signed books. Another option is to take your books to book signings when you can, such as when they are hosted at your local bookstore or library. This is a particularly good idea when you are able to get signed copies from authors that you really like. Sometimes you can find first edition copies of books that are signed as well. For example, if you like Carl Sagan books you might look for for a Pale Blue Dot first edition signed copy to add to your collection.

Take Good Care of Your Books

Lastly, once you start building up a collection of books, it is important to take good care of them. Keep them in a dry, clean environment, and dust them from time to time. Keep them upright, and use bookends to keep them supported. Also, avoid leaving your books open for extended periods of time or folding over the pages. By taking good care of your books now, you can help ensure that your collection lasts for a long time.