What Can Books About Learning To Read Do For Your Child?

The ability to read is one of the best gifts you can give your child. People who can read have a whole world of stories and information available to them. No one is born knowing how to read, but the right books can help your child acquire the necessary skills. Here are four things that books about learning to read can do for your child:

1. Familiarize your child with letters.

Letters are the building blocks of the written word. The English alphabet is made up of 26 letters that form every word and sound imaginable. The ability to identify and memorize letters is the first step in learning how to read. Learn-to-read books will help your child become familiar with letters. They will learn to recognize letters on sight, as well as remember which sound each letter makes.

2. Teach your child phonics.

Phonics can help children identify words. Phonics breaks words down into common letter groupings, teaching children the sounds those groupings make. When your child can reliably read and speak phonics, they'll be well on their way to learning to read. Phonics groups can be combined to form any word imaginable. Learn-to-read books start with these small building blocks, giving your child a good foundation for reading.

3. Provide engaging stories.

Children are more likely to read when they enjoy the books they have. Effective learn-to-read books provide engaging stories that will keep your child turning the pages. Books for beginners use simple words that will allow your child the satisfaction of reading on their own, without the frustration that can come from books that are too advanced for their current skill level.

4. Prepare your child for success in school.

School is dedicated to teaching your child many of the things they'll need to know as an adult. However, learning doesn't start or end in the classroom. There are things you can do at home to prepare your child for educational success, such as teaching your child to read. Kids who enter school already knowing how to read are ahead of their peers. This head start can give them confidence. A book about learning to read can help you prepare your child for the classroom.

There's never a bad time to get your child started on the path to reading. Purchase books on learning to read from your favorite educational book supplier. With a little time and patience, your child will soon be reading words in no time.