How an Adventure Memoir Can Liven up Your Summer

Summer is finally here! Since the pandemic made it hard to celebrate summertime like normal last year, you're probably ready to book that flight or jump in that car—anything for a change of scenery. However, if you need a good read for a beach day, flight entertainment, or evenings chilling on the porch swing with a lemonade in your hand, you might want to check out an adventure memoir. If you really want to liven up this summer after spending last year at home, an autobiographic account of an exciting event is sure to do that for you. Here's how: 

Motivate You to Find Adventures

Maybe 2020 left you a little stuck, and you're not even sure what you want to do this summer. Maybe work exhausts you and leaves you with little motivation or energy for adventures, even though your inner soul is desperate to get out in the world. An adventure memoir will inspire you, giving you that extra motivation to get off the couch. It can also give you ideas of what to do or where to go. A travel memoir can leave you with wanderlust for a specific place, or a wilderness adventure story can get you to research some hikes or camping sites in your area. If you need to get out but are lacking that spark of inspiration, an adventure memoir can give that to you. 

Liven Up Relaxing Days

If you're being honest, sometimes you just need to relax. Adventures are fun and exciting, but you also need downtime to unwind. However, just because your body is sunbathing on the beach doesn't mean your mind can't be rejuvenated by a thrilling, true story. Reading makes you feel emotions for people you've never met and events you've never encountered. You can feel like you've been on an incredible journey of a lifetime, all without leaving your couch. So, if you need adventure but also need to let your body be still, look no further than an adventure memoir to fill your days. 

Teach You Something

Summer is typically when school is out, but you never have to stop learning. Keep your mind invigorated and fresh by reading some nonfiction. An adventure memoir is a perfect option because it will read like a story while also portraying true events. You might learn more about different cultures or wilderness survival. You could also simply learn more about the human experience from another person's perspective. The way the author overcame obstacles on their adventures may give you the inspiration to overcome your own. If you want to learn something new this summer, but a regular nonfiction book will put you to sleep, an adventure memoir is sure you teach you while simultaneously livening up your day. 

Invigorate your summer by checking out some adventure memoirs today!