Tips For Choosing The Best High School Homeschool Curriculum For Your Teenager

If your teenager had issues in middle school and you have decided to homeschool during their high school years, then it is important you choose the right curriculum to best match your teenager's learning style. There are many different high school curriculums available, and choosing the right one is often the difference between success or lack thereof.  If you have never selected a homeschooling curriculum before, then these tips will help you purchase the right one: Read More 

Are You Designing Homeschool Classrooms?

Have you decided that you want to homeschool your children? Perhaps you were disillusioned with what they were learning at school, or maybe you felt that the classes were so large that your children weren't getting enough individual attention. For whatever reason you have decided to teach your children at home, you are more than likely working on creating a classroom environment for them, perhaps in an extra bedroom or even in your family room. Read More 

Fighting Off Anxiety Attacks

When you suffer from anxiety, it can be a horrible experience that can take over many parts of your life. You may find that many of the things you used to enjoy doing are no longer enjoyable and you may even find that they now trigger anxiety attacks out of you. These attacks can even make things like going to work, going out with friends and even leaving your house at all very difficult and daunting. Read More 

Start A Classical Education At Home Through Literature

A generation ago many students would attend a Liberal Arts college and then move forward in whatever profession of their choice. Now students often specialize in STEM degrees and miss out on a classical education in college. Knowing that this is probably the future of your child, you can follow these tips to give your child a classical education at home. Know Your Purpose A classical education is about teaching wisdom and virtue. Read More 

College Finals Week Coming Soon? Follow These Study Tips!

Finals week is a time of great anxiety for many students, and that can make people panic. These study tips will help you keep calm and study effectively for your tests. Create a List of Study Goals and a Schedule Create a list of study goals to give yourself direction, narrow your focus and make time management easier. Go over all materials for each class—including notes and relevant topics that the instructor has identified—and make list of your weaknesses. Read More