Read These Books To Learn About The American Dream

The American dream is a concept covered in literature from every decade. From the earliest days of the country to the current time, the American dream has always been a major component of American literature. The American dream encompasses feelings of hope for the future. Want to learn more? Check out these books to take a closer look. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald One of the greatest tales of the American dream gone wrong is The Great Gatsby. Read More 

Helpful Tips To Remember When You Start Collecting Books For The First Time

You might have always loved reading, but you might have never thought about collecting books before. Alternatively, you might have always thought about building a book collection of your own, but you might be thinking about finally giving it a try. These are a few helpful tips that you might want to remember when building your book collection for the first time. Trade Out the Books You Don't Like Just because you want to build up a book collection does not mean that you should collect every book that you can get your hands on. Read More